Going Away Party Ideas

There are many people that decide to seek a higher level of position and pay.  The economic situation that is happening all over the world has made people who work want to climb the ladder of success for better pay to support their family.  Because people are changing jobs, it may be that some people are leaving the company they have been with for a long time.  Whenever someone leaves to go somewhere else for a new position, a going away party is a traditional way to say goodbye and wish them the best of luck.  Anyone organizing the party may need some ideas on doing it right.  Here are some great going away party ideas to make it a fond farewell for everyone.


The first idea for the going away party is the kind of decorations to use.  As an example, say the coworker is going to a whole new state then the decorations should reflect their new home.  Pretend for one moment the person is heading to California, then the decorations used can represent the golden state.  What is the beautiful state of California known for?   The party room can easily be transformed into a sunny beach with palm trees, surf boards, and even sand put in a few areas!


Music may soothe the savage beast, but it can also make any special occasion even more fun.  People love a good party so they can dance, but music can be used to reflect the theme of the party.  If the person the party is for is going to Hawaii, then a little hula music will provide just the right touch because it really shows how much his or her fellow coworkers care and put a lot of thought into the festivities.


Food is a tasty addition to any going away party, but it can also be difficult to organize depending on where the party is being held.  If this special event is at work, then it may be easier for everyone to bring a dish than it would be to have it catered. Another factor to consider is the cost because catering can be expensive.  Perhaps a potluck party is the best way to go if not everyone has the funds to chip in for professional catering.

A going away party can be both a happy and sad occasion.  To say goodbye and good luck to a coworker can be hard, but there are many great ideas to make the going away a lot of fun.  A party that has the right theme, music, and food, can really make the event fun and the person going away will feel blessed to have so many wonderful caring friends.

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